At Beechboro Christian School, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) isn’t just a grouping of different subjects, it is a campaign to develop the deep scientific, mathematic and problem-solving skills that our students will need to be competitive in the modern-day workforce. By introducing this way of thinking in the early years, we are laying the foundation for our future leaders.

In Kindy and Pre-Primary, the students participate in play-based and digital learning programs which introduces them to STEM. These programs encourage active play that supports STEM practices, such as exploring location and patterns. It involves the concentrated learning of computational and critical thinking, as well as problem-solving skills. Students will explore new ideas and skills in STEM, that will in turn boost their literacy and numeracy. This early teaching of STEM practices effectively establishes a solid foundation and provide exciting possibilities for the students.            

Students in Years 1 – 6 have specialist STEM lessons each week. In these lessons, students are taught solution fluency and to apply the design and production process by completing hands-on projects. The STEM classroom has a Makerspace, which is a designated, creative, do-it-yourself space, great for design tasks, creations and collaboration. The Makerspace provides the students with ample resources to select from to create their targeted solution, and encourages problem-solving that leads to creative construction. Utilising circuit kits in STEM, students have the opportunity to learn about the basic components of electric circuits. They are also exposed to 3D printing technology, using it in the design process to create prototypes for evaluation.

In this exciting learning area, students improve their questioning skills, and ultimately learn the processes and production skills to solve real world problems. This give the students an advantage moving forward in their education.