Learning Areas

Literacy & Numeracy

Being a focus at Beechboro Christian School, these areas have benefited from significant amounts of funding in human and material resourcing. Our ‘back to basics’ approach, together with solid educational research, is resulting in pleasing student progress.

Christian Education

In addition to the overall Christian ethos encouraged in the school, specific times are set aside to learn directly from the Bible. Through studying the Bible, students can come to understand God’s plan for them and this world. They come to understand why it is important to know Jesus and to appreciate the role He plays in restoring us to our Creator.

Science, Humanities & Social Sciences

The created wonders of the world around them, and their responsibilities within it, require students to appreciate, care for and serve others. Students develop skills and knowledge in these areas through engagement and participation, learning the lessons and achievements from the past and present.


Our LOTE (Languages Other Than English) programme includes weekly Japanese lessons for students from Year 1 to 6, and optional after school Mandarin classes once a week for anyone in the school community who would like to learn. The teaching of LOTE has been shown to assist students in the learning of English and enhances inter-cultural understandings. Teaching LOTE is considered to be important because in our increasingly global village, students may look to horizons beyond their immediate communities.

The Arts

A strong arts influence in our school allows students to explore other talents. The school has specialist teachers for Art and Music who take classes across the school, as well as instrumental tutors for violin, piano and guitar. Two choirs (junior and senior) regularly perform at the school and within the wider community. A whole-school concert is performed every two years, giving students the opportunity to shine through drama, song, dance or back stage. 

Physical Education

The goal of Physical Education at Beechboro Christian School is to equip students with necessary skills for a lifetime of participation in and enjoyment of physical activity. Students are encouraged to develop positive sporting ethics, including concepts of fair play and teamwork. Opportunities are provided for students to participate in inter-house and inter-school sporting competitions, including track and field, swimming and cross-country. School sporting teams operate seasonally.