Designing Learning - 'WOW!'

Christian School 'WOW! days' are a thematic launch to the exciting learning that will occur in each classroom.


Year 4 'Lets Play'

The Year 4 students are investigating how to make games and a fun time was had playing their games.



Year 3 ' Aboriginal Mural Painting'

The Year 3 class had a wonderful time learning about Aboriginal culture.


   Year 6 'iTravel'

The class was broken into three teams and their mission was to plan their way to Sir James Mitchel Park in South Perth using bus, train and ferry transport. It was the 'Amazing Race' Beechboro Christian School Style.


Year 3 'Old and New'

The Year 3 class had a fun afternoon playing games from the 'Olden Days'.            



Year 2 'Celebrity Red Carpet Premier'

The Year 2 class and their families enjoyed a Celebrity Red Carpet Premiere as part of their theme, 'I'm a Celebrity'. 



Pre-Primary 'Dr Seuss - Wacky Wednesday'

The Pre-Primary students enjoyed the wackiness of Dr Seuss.