Using augmented reality in the classroom 

One of the teaching tools staff have been introducing is Aurasma. Aurasma is one of the most popular and cutting-edge technologies used in schools around the world today.  It incorporates the concept of augmented reality, where an image in the real world is supplemented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. Augmented reality is one of the big trends in education as it turns learning into an experience and could be a valuable key to engaging students whose learning preference is not through reading or listening.  

Enabling teachers to connect digital content such as video to images in books and classroom walls, Aurasma offers a uniquely inventive, fun, and holistic way of engaging students of all ages. The web based tool uses advanced image and pattern recognition to blend the real-world with rich interactive content such as videos and animations called 'Auras'.  

Click here to see how Aurasma has been intergrated into our Kindy class