Science Academy

Passionate about Science? 

Join the Science Academy @ Ellebrook Christian College

The Science Academy is an After School Extension Program for students from any school with a passion for the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Ellenbrook Science Academy

We have established a range of exciting partnerships with outside organisations (including Scitech, the Museum of Western Australia Shipwreck Galleries in Fremantle and the Perth Zoo) so that students will get the opportunity to meet and work alongside real scientists. 

A senior science teacher from Ellenbrook Christian College works alongside these professionals to design interactive, hands-on activities for each week’s science program that expose Year 4-6 and Year 7-9 students to the basics of the full Year 11/12 curriculum in Science over a three-year period. 

After the initial exposure, deeper self-directed learning is expected of participants. The students also create digital diaries of their learning journey that can be used by the schools and the partner organisations to teach science concepts to other students.

The core aims of the Science Academy are to:

  • Extend
  • To allow students a foothold into deeper understanding of scientific concepts
  • To ensure exposure to Years 4-6 and Year 7-9 students to all of Year 11/12 Science topics over a 3 year period
  • Engage
  • Hands-on opportunity to work alongside real Scientists doing real work
  • Re-engage Science out of school through fun activities
  • Excite
  • Open up potential career aspirations for students in science related fields
  • Bringing science alive for students by exposing the real science in jobs people take for granted

How does the Science Academy facilitate curriculum extension?

The students in the Science Academy are all Year 4-6 and Year 7- 9 students, yet the content that will be covered in the extension program is the Year 11 and 12 Science curriculums. Students will therefore be extended beyond their year group and be provided with a significant head start.  The curriculum content will be explored in resource-rich environments with access to objects and people (professional scientists) that most students would not encounter in the day-to-day school context.

2014 Program

In 2014 the Science Academy will partner with the Faculty of Engineering from Edith Cowan University, applying science through hands-on challenges. Details of the program and curriculum structure will be published on this website at the beginning of each new term.

Who is it for?

  • Primary group: Years 4 – 6
  • Secondary group: Years 7 – 9

When is it on?

There are 6 sessions per term on Mondays, 4.30pm – 5.30pm

Where is it located?

Ellenbrook Christian College and Edith Cowan University (program dependent)

Sign Up

To sign up or enquire about joining the Science Academy at Ellenbrook Christian College, please contact Karen Ambrose on (08) 9297 9231, via email at or complete the Science Academy Enrolment Form 2014.